Lawn Booking System

The club has an internet booking system. This avoids possible double booking of paper-based systems. We hope that you will find booking online more convenient. Those who cannot access the internet are invited to contact a committee member who will book a court on their behalf. For members who just come to regular club sessions there is no need to use this system to book in advance – just turn up!

The lawn booking system is hosted on the East Anglian Croquet Federation website but our direct link is for Ludlow club members only.

You can use this website to see what lawns are in use, at what time, any day and whether there are club sessions for Association or Golf Croquet, whether time is needed for grounds maintenance or if there are matches against other clubs, or club one-day tournaments.  When you click on the connection you will see the bookings for today.  Before you can change anything you have to log in as a User.  Click ‘Log In’ at top right.

You may need to select Ludlow from drop-down menu.  You can login using your email address or user name. We have set all user names as Surname followed by the first initial of the first name, e.g. Ann Other as OtherA, and each person’s password as linney18. The Anglia Croquet webmaster suggests that you change your password to something memorable when you first log in.

If you wish to book a lawn for a game, inter-club match, grounds maintenance etc. you click on the empty time slot that is convenient. Lawn 1 is nearest the car park, Lawn 2 is nearest the tennis courts. Each lawn is subdivided as 1a, 1b or 2a, 2b as shown in the following diagram.

If you want to play on a full-size lawn, please select both ‘a’ and ‘b’ lawns together (assuming they are both free). Otherwise just select one of the four half-size lawns. Please specify whether you are playing AC (Association Croquet) or GC (Golf Croquet) so the next person booking can see if it is possible to double bank on the lawn. Click ‘Confirm Booking’ button to save your booking.

Unless you are organising a tournament or inter-club match, we request that you do not book further than one month in advance.  This particularly applies to members who block book series of sessions as this helps to ensures everyone has a fair share of access to the lawns.

If you find that you need to cancel a booking then log in as before, click on your booking and it will take you to a page where you can cancel or change your booking.

Mike (tel. 07815 698294) or Bob (tel. 01584 874857) can be contacted if you have problems when using the site.